Aiden (ajs_gardendiary) wrote,

End Of June Up-Date

Well the end of June is here. So happy birthday to me.
Everything is now growing fast as its so warm now, yesterday it was 17 degrees when I went to work at 7am !!

One of the many supposedly cherry toms from a Patio Orange

Cucumber here and see this !!

My little baby courgette

Aubergine flowers, come the bees don't let me down now !

Skinny Peas !

The First Green Bean

I have also today prepared my strawberry bed as the ones at home in tubs are nearly finished fruiting and they will be happy little green things in their own big bed

Thats the wild Strawberry that was already there !!

After a quick Tomato plant count I now have 17 !! Hope people like Tomatoes

Oh and the Marigold thing really does work !

Now that the first planted lettuces are ready its time to plant some real lettuce for Autumn. When I say real lettuce I mean ones that actually form hearts not the cut and come again variety that I have grown before, There are a lot of first times for me with this gardening stuff !

Little Gem and Romaine lettuce in their beds just waiting to say hello to the world

And thats about it for today all in all a good day on the garden front, not to many troubles yet. Ulster Prince Potatoes will be ready soon too, another first attempt !
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