Thanks Hugh....

First of all I need to say a huge THANK YOU to Hugh Fearney Whittingstall for helping to setup the Landshare Scheme.

For those that haven't heard of the scheme, its a organisation that puts Land Owners and Growers together via the website, an amazing idea considering the waiting time on allotments !

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End Of June Up-Date

Well the end of June is here. So happy birthday to me.
Everything is now growing fast as its so warm now, yesterday it was 17 degrees when I went to work at 7am !!

One of the many supposedly cherry toms from a Patio Orange

Cucumber here and see this !!

My little baby courgette

Aubergine flowers, come the bees don't let me down now !

Skinny Peas !

The First Green Bean

I have also today prepared my strawberry bed as the ones at home in tubs are nearly finished fruiting and they will be happy little green things in their own big bed

Thats the wild Strawberry that was already there !!

After a quick Tomato plant count I now have 17 !! Hope people like Tomatoes

Oh and the Marigold thing really does work !

Now that the first planted lettuces are ready its time to plant some real lettuce for Autumn. When I say real lettuce I mean ones that actually form hearts not the cut and come again variety that I have grown before, There are a lot of first times for me with this gardening stuff !

Little Gem and Romaine lettuce in their beds just waiting to say hello to the world

And thats about it for today all in all a good day on the garden front, not to many troubles yet. Ulster Prince Potatoes will be ready soon too, another first attempt !

Its A Rainy June And Everythings Happy !!

Well now its June and where is the blazing sunshine the Mett-Office promised us?
Everything is growing well as you will see. Nothing much else to plant to be honest so I can finally bring this blog upto date !

All the Potatoes are about three foot high ! Carrots and parsnips are coming along nicely and the Onions are lazy.

Radishes are ready and the second lot is in ! Broccoli's and Savoy Cabbage are on their way up

Lettuce and Spinach are ready, Spring Onions are slow, Fennel is finally shooting up.

Peas and Mange-Tout are winding their ways, The surviving French Beans are almost flowering.

Cucumbers, Courgettes, Squash and Aubergines are flowering, Fingers crossed they get pollinated on these ones !!

Frog amongst the vegetable Patch !!

Our First Radishes !! Mmmh peppery

Can you tell what it is yet? Its going to be our cold-frame. Its lots of double glazing units all broke down into single panes and wood from the rails of a decking platform and bricks that were already in the garden. Its amazing what stuff people will throw away, more eco-friendly gardening !!!

Rosie and Carrots and Peas

When Lynne and Pete let me use their garden through Land Share I kinda got the opinion that they hoped we would try and influence their grandchildren into growing things,.
So I brought home some large salmon boxes from work and filled them with compost for the little people.
When Rosie arrived witth her mother in tow. She was excited for around ten minutes. Just enough time for Jo to show her how to plant Carrot and Pea plugs !

Jo, Rosie and Jenn with the magic Fairy Dust

Cherry blossom but no Cherries

Time is drawing on now, and things need to be planted pretty quickly. Its been hard work digging up roots n all but we are getting there only a couple of plots to go !
This one is for the Brassicas. Radish, Broccolis and savoy cabbage are our favourites in this department.
We probably went a bit over board with the Broccolis as we sowed Calabrese, Early broccoli and PSB, but hey you can't have to much of a good thing

  Taken after sowing, Thats Radishes There !!

"Note to self" when the seed packet says sow thinly it doesn't mean sow enough radishes for three rows! By the time Jo had thinned them out we had three rows of Scarlet Globe its a good job that Pete loves them.

After the mini broccoli forest was planted, we tidied up the border a bit more, and I made more work for myself by lowering the hedge for my next plot. Many trips to the local waste recycling centre later we had a sunny plot for Squash, Courgettes, Aubergines, Tomatoes and Cucumbers. All things that should be grown in a greenhouse but as the Met-Office has promised us a warm dry summer and I don't have a Greenhouse YET, I figured we have nothing to loose and everything to gain
All of these Med Veg were raised in my propagator at home to try and give them a head start.

English Asparagus and French Beans

 At the bottom end of the garden where we planted the peas we decided that the entrance could do with separating off a bit. So the best way to do it was with a mesh fence because we then get two uses out of it !
The new section is going to be home for French Beans and Asparagus. Now we all know that Asparagus doesn't need a fench to climb up. And now we know that Dwarf Beans don't either ! Never mind at least its there for next year.

                      "Cherry blossom in the market square"

Behind the trellis fence is some lovage, which apparently is good for some organic fertiliser.

I suppose its a good thing that the more I read on growing the more I feel the need to do things all natural. Home-made compost, fertiliser, bug attracting and repelling flowers and now I want a Ladybird house !!

Gooseberrys, Brambles and Frogs

Along the side of the garden is a rather large hedge, which creates a small problem of plot size, so we decided to make a raised border with some fruit bushes.
Now along with the grass and weeds there is a few wild bramble bushes, we cleared the grasses whilst trying to leave the brambles in situ.
Then we had our best idea so far, why not use all the slates to make a raised border afte rall it saves disposing of them!

The raised bed complete with Gooseberry and Bramble plants

Whilst we were clearing the top end of the bed, I moved some of the many sand stone and low and behold under one of them was a little frog
Jo is quite smitten with the little amphibians and squealed with joy ! After a rushed photo shoot our little star promptly hopped it out of our garden, so now we were left with a dilemma, we really don't want to evict or green friends so we decided to leave a little patch of long grass along the hedge and eventually construct a wild-life pond so we can hopefully encourage them to make a perament home in our garden.

                                        Kermit !

I need a Pea not ants in my pants!......

Our Pea Plot

At the bottom of the garden is a nice little space with a trellis fence already there so I thought that would be a good spot from my peas.
Unfortunatley it was covered in brickes, slates and all sorts of stuff that Pete & Lynne didn't want anymore, so it all had to be cleared by hand!

Some of the stuff we had to clear!

Whilst clearing a paving slab, we found to our horror an Ants nest compete with eggs, so after taking these pics, it was down to the shops for some ant bait !

A great pic of the Ants moving their eggs rather quickly

So with the ants tucking into their tea, we dug over the plot by the trellis and planted some Yelow Mange Tout and Peas, we have some Green Beans in the propagator nearly ready to go in too !

The seeds in their bed

Now For The Others...

In my vegetable growing book, it tells me that I should have 3 plots, nothing wrong with that, but whats with the "Others" plot, could someone not come up with a better name for a collection of vegetables !

The Others Plot!

We again cleared the top off and dug up roots!
In this plot we decided to try our hand with Fennel, Onions, Lettuce, Spinach and Spring Onions.
This plot is a little in the shade from the cherry tree, so we'll have to see how it goes with the fennel, I had already germinated some fennel seeds in my propagator earlier, so they went in. Then we sowed some seeds as well, hoping for a stagered picking time!

This is one of two of the local wildlife

Both Jo & I are interested in wildlife and all things natural. So we had great pleasure taking a break to watch two butterflys doing a mating dance! Just as long as they don't expect to lay their eggs on my vegetables lol